Reshma and Joe, founders of Give It a Shot - Upcycled Clothiers

Reshma and Joe Suarez founded Give It a Shot, LLC -and subsequently Give It a Shot – Upcycled Clothiers – in 2022 in Dallas Texas. We revive previously loved items as upcycled clothing, offering a chance to breathe new life into them. Our global team of creative sewists and artists collaborate to infuse designs with avant-garde flair. The designers behind each style and statement piece ensure that each creation is as unique as the person who wears them. Every items is individually crafted and never mass-produced.

At Give It a Shot – Upcycled Clothiers, we prioritize giving back to the planet by reducing waste wherever possible. With years of experience in upcycling, creating, and remaking, we continuously seek ways to reuse and repurpose various items. We integrate this ethos into our pursuit of sustainable fashion, maximizing resource use to support eco-friendliness and minimize landfill contributions.

We take pride in our creations and offerings, hoping you’ll share our enthusiasm for our upcycled clothing designs. You can learn more about what upcycling is here.

Explore our website or visit our upcoming events to discover our latest bursts of creativity. We eagerly anticipate providing you with a unique piece of wearable art!