Hi Y’all! I’m Kamille and I am so excited to be working with Give It a Shot – Upcycled Clothiers. I’m a Teacher by trade and a creator at heart. I’ve always put my love into my work and I am very excited to be able to have my work featured at Give It a Shot – Upcycled Clothiers! Joe, Reshma and I have been friends for over 27 years and it is so great to be collaborating with them to create such wonderful upcycled clothing and sustainable fashion to help the planet. My love for all things Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, alternative & punk music shows in my work. My muse is my daughter, Kamryn who is always encouraging me. We love spending time together hiking, going to Disneyland, dancing, playing with our kitties, gardening and doing puzzles but most of all creating memories together! See my work on the Shop page and find out more about upcycling here.

Our Kantha cotton and silk clothing collections are upcycled creations created in India by local artisans. This story began as a dream of 2 women and now they employ over 500 women and men. Fair wages, medicine and education for their children are possible because 2 women had a dream and that has allowed these people to stay in their villages to take care of their own! At Give It a Shot, you can explore their creations on the Give It a Shot – Upcycled Clothiers Shop page.

Kantha is a traditional type of stitching sewn together to make a thicker material with the iconic white vertical white “puckered” stitch look. We have handpicked the best styles for you to showcase what these talented artists can do. They use all upcycled materials from previously used kantha products and beautiful sarees that have outlived their original life.